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The Agony of Indecision by "vcrimson"


Cherished alum
Driven by the deeds of dowry
Value the entry of crazed cunning
Toward the plans of essence incumbent

Proud are many seeking value and thrift
Opening dreams xenophobic in wash
Smoking idle
Canine buried the last gnarled vault

Undulating flowers sparkle the great
Hail to the chief
Hail a cab
Hail on the rooftop
Veins of wild acorns strain the gutter

The actions of family inside
The boldness of thoughts held within
The bombing of values we hold
The frail crusts of a soul

Captions are read
From a cold hardened leaf
Blanket the sky with delight
Anger the child
Of a dank sullen scathe
Eloping delight of a dive

Are the frittered tales of a man
The growing vines of disheartened
Of the wicked thorn in the side
Blinding the vision of elders


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The Gambit

Tried and true
Undulating garnish of soul
Pride of the dongle
Truth incarnate

Quest of a sundry
Palace of angels
Tempting common fog from the mouth
Relegating thyself to a gord

My move
Your move
My move
Your move

Only time will tell
Life recorded

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Another Fine Morning

Sunrise on the earth

A morning for perspective

Tender water wily tether
Breaks the quark-set and bevel header
Endless false of gargled pen
Tries even the stubborn men

Ascend the crow
Plight of the naked anvil
Destined toward even ground
Only just haven jostles the ravine

The engine blossoms winding yet
Irked of having kiln and pets
Oppression harbors tiny baths
When sudden caverns signal aftermath

Grow the nave!
Plow the muster!
Cavort the prawn!
Zesty cavalcade has a dawn!

Onward flavors planetary dwindle
Ever on toward hooved gallantry
Butter drawn on toast
Delicate are the eggs

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