C’mon Fear the Planking

May 17, 2011 at 11:44 AM Leave a comment

Have you seen any of the hoopla about planking yet?  I don’t get it.  Well, I do, actually, but not really.  Someone died.  It’s a tragedy.  I get that.  If my son died, I’d be upset, too.  Seriously upset.  But as a global concern, the guy that died, an adult mind you, but someone’s son nonetheless died, do we need to be ringing the alarm bells about planking?  I realize the print business and news organizations are struggling to make money.  People grow tired of the deaths and destruction of tornadoes, flooding, and war.  The safest thing to do is to stay in your homes and watch more news programs to tell you what you should be afraid of so that you’ll stay inside and watch more news programs.  Nowadays, you don’t even really have to venture out of the house for the things you see in the ads they sell — those you can get hand delivered by the brave men and women of the United Parcel Service, or United States Postal Service, or whatever cheap shipping selection du jour.

Back to planking.  Just so you are aware, it is the phenomenon of lying straight as a board in places you wouldn’t normally lie straight as a board.  Observe:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I’m sure I could even find some where people are planking in some stupid careless spots.  But, is this really a new threat to the world?  Has there never been a heinous act in act of photography that could be construed as dangerous?  People have been stupidly posing for pictures for decades, especially youth.  Should we end posing for pictures?  Is all posing bad?  Is all planking bad? Where have I seen this before?  I’ve seen people sit on balcony ledges, and I’ve heard of people falling off of balcony ledges.  Should we ban sitting?  Should we ban balconies?

Stupidity goes way back

This looks like a bad idea

At what point can we all agree that not everyone thinks things through?  That some may not value their lives and yet we continue to create rules and develop overbearing social norms, for what?  Is it more compassionate to view these sort of things as tragedies?  I don’t think so.  I don’t think that young man in Australia attempting to plank should have lost his life, but when does bad decision making simply become bad decision making?  Have we lost all responsibility to our own actions that we point to a mindless fad as an excuse for poor decision making?  Or is the news a catharsis and a way to train others by the bad examples of a few?  Who knows, but maybe we just need to watch more commercials to find out.


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