Is defining faith in government, freedom?

March 8, 2011 at 4:18 PM 1 comment

Let’s be clear — every decision comes with compromises.  There is no perfect system as long as there is self-interest, free will, and there are people who are incapable of helping themselves.  This cannot be ignored.  People who tell you that they protect our country’s freedom, and then, for example, tell you who you should or should not marry, are not advocating freedom.  People who tell you that true freedom is built only on their worldview and their values are not advocating freedom.

On Monday, March 7, 2011, Newt Gingrich, among a slew of up and coming right-wing hopefuls, quote the Declaration of Independence to defend positions on belief, I think Jacques Berlinerblau‘s Washington Post article, while in its entirety certainly more polar than my own convictions, lays out some poignant views of the matter:

“…to say these conservative Christians believe that: 1) the Constitution is infallible and inerrant, 2) they can discern its “original intent,” 3) this original intent always synchronizes with their political worldview, and, 4) all other attempts to understand that original intent put forth since, let’s say, 1791 are misguided and perhaps satanic if they diverge from aforesaid political worldview.”

Everyone wants to be able to live their life without someone telling them how to do it.  But, in what part of your life are you making those decisions?  Everyone makes decisions based on rules.  When the rules of values come into play, can we assume a particular standard of rules?  Who says those are the right rules?  Who says your values are better than someone else’s values?

In the end, you see what you want to see

When the time comes to make decisions about the direction of our country, take a step back and ask yourself “If someone who didn’t have my exact same belief was doing this to me, would I like it?”  It’s the Golden Rule, after all.  Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.  Again from the Jacques Berlinerblau Washington Post article:

“If an American Muslim cleric advocated taking over the government by force and disobeying the tax codes I think it is fairly certain and entirely understandable that a visit from a certain governmental agency would not be far behind.”

If we fail to recognize that each other’s truths are self-evident, or that all of us are created equal, endowed by our Creator, whoever that might be to them, with certain unalienable rights, that among these you shall too find Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  The Declaration of Independence cites prudence as a requirement, and Despotism as the enemy — not ourselves.  In our country, you posses the freedom to speak of your unhappiness, you maintain the power to make change, but it has to be the right change — not just to the right!  If you want freedom, make it, but don’t make only a freedom for your life, for your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness, because, Fellow American, while we may not believe the same things, we all deserve the same things.

If you feel you are losing control of your country, you probably are, but it’s not a lack of faith, it’s the corruption of money at every level and a double standard.  You want to balance the Federal budget?  Do you want less taxes?  Perhaps a redirection of your concerns to the tyranny of the growing oligarchy in this country would be more appropriate.

But I digress…


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I’m Baaack! What Were They Thinking?

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