My open letter to Osama

September 11, 2009 at 3:02 PM Leave a comment

Today is September 11th.  Remembering this day, I share the eighth annual release of my open letter to Osama bin Laden.


Osama bin Laden,

While your name may forever exist in the annals of history, an achievement for which I am certain you harbor pride, you are in the company of only vandals and scabs.  Of this company for which I have any memory of, only you, can I recall, are so cowardly, so vile, and so caitiff that you cannot even stand before your sworn enemy, except in distant, fuzzy, and mostly incomprehensible images, which makes you no more than a disgusting virus of this planet, that unfortunately, we have had to share with you.  We can no longer share this planet with you in peace.  My hope is that not even your obviously sick, warped mind can wrap your bastardization of beliefs around you to find comfort and that, with the assistance of my 300 million brothers and sisters of this fine country, you never be allowed to.  This is the bed you’ve made for yourself.  Prepare to rot in peril, eternally, within it.

I cannot, and I know that even in 10,000 words, no one could express what they are feeling right now.  Years after this unparalleled event, no thought, nor any emotion of my psyche, could even begin to explain the hatred and disgust I feel for you.  Nothing can bring logic where there was obviously none prior.  What war do you wage with a loving father or a beloved sister or brother?  What does a widow or a motherless child owe to you?  What is most disturbing is that you could have been anyone or anything in the world that you wanted, given the roots of your childhood, and instead you’ve chosen this?  All we can do is ask why.  And in some strange edict of nature, I do not think, even you, posses this answer.  Nothing in the course of life, that so unfortunately brought you yours, could ever justify what you have done.  It is with my sincerest of regrets, for which I harbor few, especially on such moral fibers in my being to which I cannot parallel in the deepest, darkest realms of my soul, that nothing we could ever do will pay the debt to evil that you have so knowingly and wantonly credited.  However, fear on my loathed and sworn enemy, for our collective thirst for repayment can only be quenched by your blood and all those that carry your seed of pathetic fallacy.

Dreams, oh have I had many.  My brothers and sisters, all over the world, dream everyday that they may live to the next and carry on to the next to do the only thing we know how to do…to be.  Are your dreams becoming reality?  To think that any order of thought could be built on a foundation concocted of deceit, cowardice, trite virtue, and utter ignorance is unimaginable to me.  You have succeeded in nothing.  Your whole ideal is flawed.  Your trials and efforts fall on but a minority of attentive ears and weak minds that find any restitution in what you have done.  Who has your jihad brought you?  Have you fresh young men to send to die?  When they all die, who will be left?  Did you honestly believe you could convince anyone to be different by doing what you’ve done?  You want me to fear.  I will not!  You want the loss of my friends’ lives to change mine.  It has, but I am sure not in any way you have, perhaps, dreamt.  You have sought to tear, maim, and mutilate the fabric of our beliefs – my beliefs.  Osama bin Laden, you have done nothing but made it stronger.  We found light where there was but darkness.  Even in our misery can we find fortitude to stand up to whom that will not stand before us.

You bring shame to those who have known you.  You have brought hatred to those that never even cared about you.  You have awoken a seething and roaring mass that aches for its loss but heals on the comfort that you will get what you deserve.  Our collective hands will bring this to you.  Have no doubts.  Be it by fiery warhead or well-aimed bullet, your name is on every one.  No monetary bounty is great enough to equal the elation that will be felt in your demise.  So, as you startle from the shadows and peak around corners cowardly slithering from one dark cave to another, know that the light of liberty and freedom shines for us.  This light that you have so animatedly opposed will, with its beam of justice, expose your graven refuge, evil will be flushed by your blood, and one less regime in the tyranny of terror will darken our lives.

May you fester forever in the misery, pain, injustice, and sorrow that you have brought so many.

Nathan E. Schmidt
San Antonio, Texas, USA


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